Hello.This is my page with engine-chess related 'things'.

Polyglot section 

Harm Geert Muller's modified and extended winboard:

Winboard/Xboard development still continues!
Please see the winboard forum .
For downloads look here

My "Dirty" TLCV Tournaments

New Beta (1.72.6) from Jars (winboard) Click to download

Don't forget to download the dirty engine !

DLL to use Pro Deo Books!

Source code Pro Deo Book
The Pro Deo (Rebel) opening book as open source. 5 minutes away adding the best non-commercial opening book to your chess engine. A huge thanks goes to Jeroen Noomen for this gift to non-commercial chess programmers.
Download Source Code version 1.0 and read the documentation in the BOOK.C file, basically this page.
..............." (From Ed Schroeder's  computer page)

Here is a dll package to access this book.
So non-C programmers can use the great gift too!
It includes the dll, source code and examples in c++ (and a delphi code example from Andres Valverde ).
Have fun! rebelbook.dll
Pedro Castro, author of Danasah, compiled a 64bits version: rebelbookx64.zip

The package doesn't include the books  so do not forget to visit Ed's site
Thanks Ed and Jeroen!
Please note that although polyglot books and the prodeo/rebel books both use the ".bin" extensions,they are not compatible!
Some games collections converted to prodeo books: 
Norm's pgn collection (...and lots of other good things...) download: GrandP ,blunder checked with protools!Don't use yet,needs fixing!!
                    the blunders(?) protools found: pgn 
Olivier Deville's pgn. This book has also been blunder checked with protools! download:gm2001pd.zip   (statistics fixed! 21 july)

Setting up autoplayer.... 

Some goodies for ChessPartner gui....