Some Goodies for the ChessPartner Gui


I played a bit around with the layout settings (especially the fonts and colors) from the ChessPartner GUI and created two layouts myself. These where designed with a screen resolution of 1280*1024. To use them, copy the *.lay file to C:\ProgramFiles\Lokasoft\ChessPartner5.3\Layouts

a green layout a dark layout


If you own a Chessbase product, here is a zip file that allows you to use Chessbase fonts for the chessboard layout. e.g. (Fritz,Oldstyle):

(note: the zip does NOT contain the chessbase fonts)
unpack the *.sinf files to C:\Program Files\Lokasoft\ChessPartner5.3\Bitmaps


I generated some books from these pgn collections:

Olivier Deville: selected GM games (updated 21 may 2007)
Here you can find the original pgn file CHESSWAR
GM2001mv12 Unpacked under 4Mb. Depth is limited to 12 moves.
GM2001mv18 Unpacked about 9 Mb. Depth is limited to 18 moves.

Norm Pollock: GrandP GrandQ GrandR and CCG Here you can find Norm's pgn files and lots of other great goodies
I made 2 versions: a 12 moves and a 18 moves of each pgn.