Polyglot 1.4w

Runs without the need for cygwin1.dll,compilable with MSVC.

Polyglot 1.4w is based on polyglot 1.3w* that was adapted to run without cygwin1.dll and can be compiled with MSVC. I have ported the changes to polyglot 1.4. Also some minor changes have been made f.i. eliminating sporadic timelosses. Tested on amd opteron 275(winxp32) and intel duo2core(Vista) in 1+1 and ponder tournament games with predefined start-positions. Eric Mullins contributed to 1.4w11. * from www.elephantbase.net. See the README2.TXT in the zip(source and executable).

Polyglot 1.4w29 (21 January 2012)
fix for racing bug.
fix: don't parse info strings

previous changes/fixes:
As winboard sends the info strings to fics/ics as well and this can cause unwanted side-effects, polyglot does not send them to winboard unless InfoStrings is set true.
new MultiPVall bool. If set true will show the multipv lines from previous depths too. Otherwise it will only show the pv lines from the current depth

send info strings to winboard.
show tablebase hits and hashtable usage.
better handling of book_open error,engine path error,engine open error
multipv output changed with hgm's patch
don't resign on illegal moves while in ics mode.(untested)

fixed: Illegal moves resulted in polyglot waiting for xboard to declare a timeloss
    Polyglot now forfeits with the comment {Polyglot: Illegal engine move [White|Black] } , that should make it to the pgn file.
If Resign is used and the number of ResignMoves is reached, Polyglot resigns immediate, instead of sending the last engine move together with a resignation.
(untested:) ics: a drawing move(reaching 50 moves rule,3fold,or drawing material) from the engine will be preceded with "offer draw"
Previously just the move with the result(1/2-1/2) was send.

fixed another race condition.
fixed compiler complaint UCHAR_MAX*
makefile.gcc EXE renamed from polyglot.exe to polyglot*
included generic makefile (from Heinz van Saanen)

 Fixed: Create books from pgn files that contains FEN tags.
 Workaround added for setting multiple paths to endgame tables bases, see the readme_init.txt
 Windows: Repeating same booklines(forgot to seed srand() in the engine thread as well).
 Also uses a better method for seeding srand() now.
 Bookmoves with zero weight are ignored(not played).
 Fixed(Jim Ablett) non-windows compilation.
 Fixed: Resign was not working in ponder games.
 Fixed:Polygot sended game results before sending the engine's last move to xboard.
 Fixed a couple of racing conditions that showed up while testing on a single-core computer.
Polyglot windows version does not use I/O polling on windows anymore!
Timelosses in games with very small timecontrols (f.i. 90 moves in 4 seconds) have been reduced substantial.
 Running epd tests (polyglot -epd-test ...) probably does not work anymore,a fix is not planned
 Some small fixes
       This is usefull if you want to set some values (Hash f.i.) same for all engines.
        After reading the users's ini file (the default polyglot.ini or the ini file supplied on the command line),
        polyglot checks if there exists a file "globals.ini" and reads this one too.
        Entries in global.ini overrides previous values, except for "LogFile" and "NoGlobals",which are ignored.
        added a new option for the [polyglot] section in the user's ini file:

Michel van den Bergh's Uci polyglot:

Michel created a new polyglot version from version 1.4w10 that uses the very latest winboard extensions.
It can also be used with UCI protocol guis so that any uci engine can use polyglot opening books.