"Dirty" TLCV Tournaments (discontinued)


Tournaments are played with PSWBTM,a tourney-manager written by Pradu Kannan.
The crosstables are produces with Theo van der Storm's utility, here.

You can follow the tours *LIVE* with Thomas McBurney's TLCV client, with Andrew Fan's applet (java) or the viewer from Martin Sedlak.
IP: fonzychess.dyndns.org port 16189
The port has to be opened in router(s) and firewall(s), the protocol used is UDP.

Core 2 Quad (Q8200 - 2.33 Ghz) Vista 64 bits.
Timecontrol 60m+0 with ponder.
The engine can use 2 cores and 512 Mb hash.
3,4 and 5 man endgame tables and bitbases are on a usb stick.
Bookless uci-engines are setup with the polyglot books from Günther Simon :(rbwc) or Arthur Ochoa's book.

polyglot 1.4w27 OCHOA2013f.bin crosstable

Dirty Twins Tournaments pgn files:

tours 129...154 Combined (unpack with 7-zip)
tours 87...128 Combined (unpack with 7-zip)
Tours played on Core 2 Duo (T5250,1.5 Ghz, 2Mb L2,667 Mzh FSB)
tours 72-86 combined
tours 52-71 combined
older previous tours ("Dirty Dozen")
Olivier's ChessWar and OpenWar tournaments. The well known tours from Olivier.
WBEC ALL the information you need on winboard engines.